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Squarespace SEO Website Audit

How to Improve Squarespace SEO with a Website Audit

Use this guide to learn how to run a professional SEO audit on your Squarespace website to identify technical issues to address and opportunities to improve performance in search engine rankings.
GiveLively Free Donation Forms

GiveLively: How to Get Started with Free Donation Forms

GiveLively is a free digital fundraising platform that provides some seriously powerful tools for nonprofits. It has emerged as a strong contender for small and mid-sized nonprofits, and the good news is that it’s easy to get started and add GiveLively tools to your existing website.
Free Voter Registration Tools for Your Website

Free Voter Registration Tools for Your Nonprofit’s Website

Get tips on how to use free voter registration tools on your nonprofit website to increase voter turnout, while staying compliant with rules governing 501c3 organizations. Instructions for use on Squarespace and Wordpress websites included.