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Consulting Services: Digital Marketing and Communications Support for Nonprofit Teams

Does your nonprofit organization need a trusted advisor to help navigate a new digital marketing initiative or unlock stronger results from your website?

Keep reading to explore my core consulting service areas, and some fixed-scope projects that are popular starting points.

Have questions or not sure where to start? Book a free consultation:

Consulting Service Areas

Quick Start Projects

The engagements below are popular fixed-scope, fixed-cost projects that we can get started quickly. If you need support with one of the areas listed here, click through to see if a quick start project would be a good fit.

Fractional CMO Service for Nonprofits

If your nonprofit is in startup mode or is exploring bringing a communications and marketing voice to your leadership team for the first time, a fractional CMO might be the type of transitional support you need.

With a fractional CMO, your organization gets:

  • An experienced communications/marketing professional to advise your leadership team
  • Executive-level expertise without the overhead of an additional, full-time hire

In a fractional CMO role, I can help your organization:

  • Set marketing and communications strategy to support your organizational strategic plan
  • Create a roadmap for communications initiatives and ensure campaigns are prioritized clearly
  • Support implementation of marketing initiatives (either personally, or providing direction to existing employees)
  • Advise on hiring strategy for communications and marketing employees as your organization grows
  • Solve marketing problems that arise and need to be resolved quickly
  • Get the tools and digital marketing infrastructure in place so that future communications hires can be successful

If you are interested in exploring a fractional CMO engagement, schedule a consultation to see if my skillset would be a good fit, and to check availability (I can only support 1-2 clients at a time in a fractional role).

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