Nonprofit Website Audit Workbook

Feeling uncertain about your website’s performance? Worried you’re missing opportunities to improve?

Start building your website roadmap with our DIY, 15-step interactive workbook today.

Managing your organization’s website is a significant responsibility. Here are a few of the challenges we’ve heard from nonprofit communications managers:

  • I know our website isn’t performing as well as it could be but I don’t know where to start.
  • Our website is critically important to the organization and I’m worried I’ll miss some important detail.
  • I inherited this website and we don’t have contact with the web developer any more.
  • I’m learning how to use this website on the job. I’m a communications generalist and don’t have any specific training in managing a website.

What if you could document your website’s most important issues and build a roadmap for improvements?

Imagine a future where instead of reporting worries and uncertainty about your org’s website, you can confidently say:

  • I’ve identified the most significant vulnerabilities on our website, and we have a plan in place to address them.
  • We have identified opportunities to improve conversion rates for our email sign-up and online donation forms.
  • We have regular monitoring in place for our Google search visibility and website health.
  • I’m ready to request the funding we need to improve the website in our next budget review meeting.
DIY Nonprofit Website Audit (Cover image)

Introducing the Nonprofit Website Audit Workbook

This interactive PDF workbook is designed to get you started conducting an assessment of your nonprofit website. It’s a good fit if you need:

  • A self-paced audit that can be completed quickly
  • An interactive format with specific instructions and space to record your progress
  • A DIY starting point that will help you identify where to target future work to improve your website

Get Your Workbook Now

Access your copy of the Nonprofit Website Audit Workbook now for $47

Worry-free purchase. We’re confident you’ll uncover at least one area for improvement (and most likely many more)! If you’re not satisfied we’ll provide a full refund up to 30-days from your purchase date.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you purchase, you’ll receive an email with a download link for an interactive PDF file. You can open the PDF with all common free PDF reader applications. The PDF includes interactive form fields and checkboxes for you to record your progress and answers as you work through the audit. You can also print the workbook and record your notes on paper if you want!

Customers have reported needing around one full work day to complete all 15 sections. Often it makes sense to spread this work out over a week, since there are a few steps that might require you reaching out to other team members to locate information or request feedback.

All you need is access to your organization’s website on a desktop device and a mobile device (and if you have it, a tablet too). You don’t necessarily need administrator or editor access to your website — almost all steps in the workbook can be completed by by interacting with the website as an external user would, or using third-party tools to inspect technical aspects of the website.

However administrator access to the website (or a working relationship with your web developer) will be needed as you start making improvements based on the results of the audit.

We recommend using the completed audit workbook to build a workplan or roadmap for future website improvements. Some customers use the audit to create a presentation for the organizational leadership team to advocate for increased resource allocation for website improvements.

Yes. Make sure you stay subscribed to The Digital Landscape email list to be notified when we have updated the Workbook. You’ll get access to future updates at no additional cost.

Potentially, yes. We have a limited number of openings to conduct website audits each month. Send us a message to get more details and join the waitlist here.

Who Created the Workbook?

Ed Harris, Founder and CEO, Blue Hills Digital

Hi – Ed Harris here! I’ve audited hundreds of websites and there are common issues that I see come up over and over.

I created this DIY Workbook to help nonprofit communications professionals conduct a simple, high-level audit to gather some basic information about an organizational website.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or feedback about the Workbook or if you need more support building your organization’s digital strategy.

Ready to Start Improving Your Website?

The best time to start optimizing your website was last year. The second best time is now.

Worry-free purchase. We’re confident you’ll uncover at least one area for improvement (and most likely many more)! If you’re not satisfied we’ll provide a full refund up to 30-days from your purchase date.

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