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How to Add a User to Google Search Console

How to add users to Google Search Console

Follow the steps below to add a user to an existing Google Search Console property. You may want to share access with a team member, or provide access to an SEO or digital marketing consultant

Share Google Search Console Access: Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Log in to your Google Search Console account

Navigate to in your browser and log in to your Google Search Console account.

Make sure you are logged in using the Google account that is the Owner the website property you want to share (see more detail about Google Search Console permissions below).

2. Select the property you want to share

If you have access to more than one website property in Google Search Console, make sure the correct property is selected in the drop-down menu on the top-left side of the screen:

Google Search Console - Select Property

3. Open the Settings menu

Click on the Settings link at the bottom of the left menu bar:

Google Search Console Settings Menu

4. Open the Users and Permissions settings

Click on the Users and permissions section of the Settings screen:

Google Search Console Users and Permissions Settings

5. Add a user

Click on the blue “Add User” button top-right:

Google Search Console Add User button

6. Add user details

In the Add User window that pops up, enter the email address for the person you need to add in the email field, and select the appropriate permissions level. Then click the Add button to complete the process.

If you are following this guide because you are working with Blue Hills Digital, check your onboarding materials for the correct email address to use and select the Full permissions level.

For more detail on Google Search Console User Permissions, keep reading!

Google Search Console add user details

Google Search Console Permission Levels

There are three permission level options to choose from when you add a user to a Google Search Console property:


Every Search Console Property has to have at least one Verified Owner (a user that has completed the property verification process). Additional users with Owner level permissions are classified as Delegated Owners.


Users with Full permissions have view access to all data, and can perform some actions including verifying fixes, submitting URL indexing requests.


Restricted users have view only access to most data.

To view a complete list of actions allowed for each permission level, review the Google Search Console Users and Permissions documentation.

Change a User’s Permission Level

To change the permission level for a user you’ve already added to your account, follow steps 1 to 4 above to navigate to the Users and Permissions settings.

Then use the drop down menu in the Permission column to select a new permission level for the user you need to update.

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