Website SEO Audit Services

Are you worried about your website’s performance?

Do you want you website to be more visible in Google search results?

Do you wish more website visitors would make purchases, complete your contact form, or schedule an appointment?

Introducing the Working Website Audit.

The first step in improving your website’s performance is to run a search engine optimization (SEO) audit.

For an affordable price we will run a complete technical SEO audit, evaluate your website against your business goals, and provide a detailed report and interactive question-and-answer session via Zoom.

Without spending thousands of dollars on agency or consulting fees, our SEO audit service uses professional tools to examine:

  • User experience
  • Technical SEO audit for issues including crawlability, indexability, speed, and performance
  • Accessibility
  • The fit between your website content and your audience and goals
  • Your website’s visibility in organic search results
  • Broken links, duplicate content, and missing URL redirects

A Working Website Audit will crawl up to 1,000 URLs on your website, and provide a detailed, qualitative evaluation of the 3-5 most important pages on your website.

How our website SEO audit service works:

Ordering a Working Website Audit is a simple, four-step process.

  • Schedule a free consultation using the form on this page, and we’ll meet on Zoom for 15 minutes to make sure we understand your goals.
  • After the consultation call, we’ll send you a price quote and order form.
  • Once we receive payment, we’ll ask you to schedule an appointment for your personalized audit report call, conducted by Zoom and we’ll get started auditing your website.
  • We will meet live on Zoom for a 45-minute call to share the results of your Working Website Audit and answer your questions. After our call, we will send you PDF copies of your audit report documents, and a link to a recording of our audit review call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hear from previous customers

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“Blue Hills Digital has been helping me with my website and online presence for my language school. Ed has been a great listener, consultant, and website expert. I am excited with the progress we have made in such a short time and am looking forward to continuing to work together.”


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“I really enjoy working with Ed because he meets me where I’m at, making suggestions that help me better understand how to generate more sales within a realistic budget. He also offered a lot of support around online marketing strategies, as well as improving SEO, and using Google analytics and other data tools. I would highly recommend Ed as a consultant, and will seek him out again as my company grows.”


Get Started


A Working Website Audit is priced with a one-time payment, depending on the size and complexity of your website.

We offer a 15% discount for nonprofit organizations.

After learning about your goals on our consultation call, we’ll send you a quote and order form you can use to get started with your audit.

Money-Back Guarantee


We’re confident that our website audit will provide valuable insights about your website. If you are dissatisfied with the service after we have delivered your completed audit, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply email us within 30 days of your review call and will provide a full refund.

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