Video Course: Quick Wins Website Audit

Learn how to monitor and improve your website’s performance. This week.

Professional tools for monitoring website health and tracking keyword positions can be overwhelming for newcomers.

Our Quick Wins Website Audit Course introduces you to the free plan offered by Semrush and by the end, you’ll be receiving weekly updates on your website’s health, your most important keyword rankings, and the number of new backlinks pointing to your content.

Quick Wins Website Audit Course (Illustration)

Here’s a sneak peek inside the second video lesson, where we show you how to unlock insights about your website (and your competitors’ websites):

This is what’s included:

  • Six short video lessons (45 minutes total)
  • Step-by-step email instructions to keep your audit on track
  • Easy-to-follow instructions to access a free plan with Semrush
  • Links to additional resources
  • Captions embedded in videos

This is what you’ll gain:

With a total time commitment of just 2 hours you will have:

  • An active, free account with professional website health and SEO monitoring tool Semrush
  • Interactive website health audit dashboard with details of errors and issues that could negatively impact your website’s performance
  • Keyword position tracking data for 10 keywords most important for your website
  • A list of all incoming backlinks to your website from other websites
  • Regular updates to the reports listed above, delivered to your inbox
  • Domain research tools to help you examine competitors’ websites
  • Keyword research tools to identify new keywords to target in your website content

Note: we’re just fans of Semrush and want to make it more accessible for website owners who are just starting out with a website audit or keyword tracking. We have no formal relationship with Semrush except for membership in their affiliate program, which means we may receive some compensation in the event that you choose to upgrade from the free plan described in this course to a paid plan.