Website Analytics Glossary

The information on this page describes how terms are defined in Google Analytics, as used in Blue Hills Digital’s interactive web analytics dashboards. We’re continuously working on improving this page to make it a more helpful resource! If you have questions, let us know here.

Average Session Duration

The average length of a session.

Average Time on Page

The average amount of time users spent viewing a certain page (or set of pages).

Bounce Rate

The percentage of single-page sessions in which there was no interaction with the page.


The language setting in users browsers. This value is a combination of the ISO codes for Language (ISO 639) and Country (ISO 3166).


The total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of the same page are counted.


Think of a session as a visit to your website. A session can contain multiple interactions with content on your website, including multiple pageviews, events, goal completions, or even ecommerce transactions.

A few other notes about sessions:

  • A session will expire 30 minutes after the last user interaction (or at midnight)
  • A single user can create multiple sessions
  • Sessions are device and browser-specific. If a user opens a page from your website on a desktop computer and on their smartphone at the same time, those will be recorded as two separate sessions.

Traffic Channels

When you install Google Analytics tracking code without any additional customization, website traffic is grouped into one of several predefined “channels.” This provides a helpful way to get a high-level view of where your website visitors are coming from. Learn more about the definition of these “channels” in this article.

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