About Blue Hills Digital

Blue Hills Digital is a digital marketing agency specializing in helping nonprofits and small businesses develop and implement marketing strategy to meet their goals. We understand that navigating the rapidly-changing world of digital marketing can be overwhelming, particularly in a setting where there is no dedicated staff person devoted to communications and marketing.

Our service packages are designed to translate our clients’ goals into a simple digital marketing strategy that we’ll help implement, combining our expertise and tools with our clients’ detailed knowledge of their offerings and audience.

Ed Harris

Founder / CEO, Blue Hills Digital

I’m a digital communications professional with experience working both for local and national nonprofits and for small and mid-sized businesses.

Marketing and communications is all about connecting with your audience, and I combine a nonprofit’s focus on mission and goals with a business owner’s attention to the bottom-line in my digital strategy work.

I believe every organization and business has experience, insight, and stories that will further their goals, whether it’s growing an audience, fundraising, launching a campaign, or driving new sales. My role is to find that compelling content, find the most effective formats for communication, and create delivery systems that are easy to use, allowing my clients to focus on what they do best.

Connect on LinkedIn, or read more recent work at www.edharris.me.

Ed Harris, Founder and CEO, Blue Hills Digital

Giving back

Blue Hills Digital is committed to supporting the valuable work of nonprofit organizations furthering social, gender, economic and/or environmental justice. Each year, we are committed to donating services to 501c3 nonprofit organizations in an amount that equals at least 10% of our projected annual revenue for the year.

To learn more, send us a message using the contact form here.

Here are some of the 501c3 organizations we’ve provided donated and/or discounted services to:


  • HOPE – Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects (VT)
  • Peace & Justice Center (VT)
  • Soup Bowls for Hunger (VT)


  • HOPE – Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects (VT)
  • Middlebury Regional Emergency Medical Services (VT)
  • Cherished Mom (TN)

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