Social Media Marketing Plans

Blue Hills Digital can help you use social media to promote and grow your business. Select one of our plans below, or contact us to design a customized plan that works for you.


$475 per month

Initial Strategy Call

Comprehensive Social Media Plan

2 Social Media Platforms

5 Posts/Week/Platform

Monthly Analytics Reports

Strategy Updates via Email




$925 per month

Initial Strategy Call

Comprehensive Social Media Plan

3 Social Media Platforms

7 Posts/Week/Platform

Weekly Analytics Reports

Monthly Strategy Call

1 Email Newsletter per Month

Social Media Ad Management


$1,250 per month

Initial Strategy Call

Comprehensive Social Media Plan

4 Social Media Platforms

10 Posts/Week/Platform

Weekly Analytics Reports

Biweekly Strategy Call

2 Email Newsletters per Month

Social Media Ad Management


What happens next? After you sign up and share your contact information, we’ll contact you to learn more about your business and schedule your Initial Strategy Call.

Have questions? Not sure which plan to choose? Use our contact form to get in touch and we’ll help you explore what option would best fit your needs (or come up with a custom package that works for you).


Frequently Asked Questions

Which social media platforms will you manage?

We’ll determine which platforms to focus on during our initial strategy call. We typically prioritize Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For some clients, LinkedIn or Pinterest are also a good fit for their product or audience.

What kind of content will you post?

During our initial strategy call we’ll discuss types of content that would work for your business and your customers: the details will be presented in your Comprehensive Social Media Plan. Depending on your business, we will work with you to determine what content you’ll need to share with us to keep your social media fresh and reflective of your business — this may include photos, testimonials, and information about events, promotions or new product launches.

Do I need my own email marketing service?

As a Growth or Pro plan customer, we’ll help you prepare and send email newsletters to your customers using your own, existing email marketing service. If you need help selecting and setting up an email marketing service, let us know and we can help with that too.

How does social media ad management work?

If you’re on a Growth or Pro plan, we can manage one or more social media advertising campaigns for you. We will agree upon a monthly advertising budget, and will help you set up the advertising accounts connecting to your existing social media channels.